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10 Best Live Chat Software Solutions Reviewed (Free & Paid)

Once upon a time, all customers had to call support reps on the phone. That evolved into email, and now we’re looking at some of the best live chat software for rapid conversations online.

Live chat is extremely convenient for consumers and clients, but how does it help your company?

Benefits of using live chat software

  • πŸ’Έ You minimize expenses by cutting down on phone time and lengthy emails.
  • πŸ›’ It’s an easy way to push users through your sales funnel.
  • πŸ˜ƒ Online chatting is easy, so you should be able to boost customer happiness.
  • ⏲️ Live chat software has real-time information so you know what your customers are doing on your site.
  • πŸ‘‚ Chat boxes offer options for customer feedback and forms.

And these are just a few advantages! Most importantly, using live chat software is really straightforward, so you and your team will be able to master it in no time.

The best live chat software solutions

Each of the live chat options below has great potential for certain businesses. Some of them are better for eCommerce, while others work for service-based companies. We’ll outline who should consider each live chat software, along with the best features.

No time to read?  Here’s a summary looking just at the prices: 

Best live chat software
Software Free plan? From $ / month Review
LiveChat 30-day free trial $16.00 per agent Read More
Olark 2-week free trial $29 per agent Read More
Intercom ❌ $87 Read More
Drift βœ… $50 Read More
Tidio βœ… $15 Read More
PureChat βœ… $39 Read More
Zendesk Chat βœ… $14 per agent Read More
ClickDesk βœ… $14.99 per agent Read More
Bold360 ❌ pricing is company-specific Read More
LiveAgent βœ… $15 per agent Read More

1. LiveChat (

best live chat software #1: LiveChat

This LiveChat software may not have the most creative name, but it definitely offers some of the most flexible pricing in the industry, along with some beautiful chat box designs.

One of the main advantages of going with LiveChat is that you gain access to over 130 integrations in the LiveChat app store. This marketplace is filled with apps for eCommerce platforms, CMS integrations, and more. You can even find experts and services for setting up your live chat.


πŸ’Έ Pricing

The Starter plan is $16.00 per month per agent.

A 30-day trial is available, and the upgraded plans are priced as follows: $33, $50, and $149 (all per month per agent).

🧰 What are the best features?

  • LiveChat has a large marketplace for finding all sorts of integrations.
  • The chat box offers visitor information, canned responses, and a message sneak-peek.
  • File sharing is possible for screenshots and documentation.
  • Make chat transcripts for feedback and to see how agents are doing.
  • The chat timeline lets you jump back on any conversation to view what happened.
  • The chat box customization tools include your company logo, social media buttons, and agent profiles.
  • Engage customers with automation for greetings, ticket forms, and popup windows.

πŸ’‘ This is the best live chat software for…

I can suggest LiveChat to several types of brands. To start, it’s affordable for companies with smaller budgets. It’s also an excellent live chat module if you want to place it on multiple websites (LiveChat doesn’t charge extra for this).

LiveChat also has one of the largest feature lists and plenty of apps for extendability. Because of this, it makes sense for pretty much all businesses, from eCommerce to service-based companies, and small brands to large enterprises.

2. Olark (

best live chat software #2: olark

The Olark live chat software is one of the most popular in the market, and it provides a focus on making sure that every conversion counts on your website.

You’re able to seamlessly connect Olark to your website and other third-party growth tools such as HelpScout and Mailchimp. You can also try Olark for free by connecting the live chat box to your website and chatting with your real customers.


Olark has a large set of features that we’ll cover below. But it’s important to know that Olark does a wonderful job of breaking these features into three categories: those that increase sales, those that provide support, and those that acquire leads. This puts more emphasis on the areas that matter to businesses, assisting your brand with the exact tools needed.

πŸ’Έ Pricing

A two-week free trial is provided.

The first tier of pricing is $29 per month per agent. You can decrease the monthly payments by committing to a year or two years.

🧰 What are the best features?

  • Olark integrates with many third-party tools such as Groove, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Slack.
  • It offers advanced customization tools for matching the chat box to your brand.
  • The metrics are sent to you in real-time for analysis and understanding what your customers are doing on your website. Some metrics include customer satisfaction, chat volume, and agent activity.
  • Automation tools assist with speeding up your overall workflow. For instance, you can generate canned responses for certain visitor behavior or messages.
  • Olark creates transcripts for you to look at conversations, understand how well your agents work, and to use it as customer feedback.
  • Generate custom forms to place in your chat box, and collect information from your customers before chatting.
  • You can also distribute certain chats to other members of your team with the click of a button.

πŸ’‘ This is the best live chat software for…

I like Olark for companies that want to have as many or as little chat conversations as possible without any pricing changes. You can have millions of chats and still pay the same price – it all depends on how many agents you have.

It’s also a great solution if you plan on integrating with other business tools like Salesforce.

3. Intercom (

best live chat software #2: intercom

Similar to Olark, Intercom organizes its chat features into three categories: those for customer acquisition, engagement, and customer support.

The reason this is considered one of the best live chat software is because it moves your customers through the sales funnel quickly and efficiently.

Real-time tools and insights are offered for increasing your customer satisfaction and allowing your company to understand what customers do on your website.


Overall, Intercom is known for its sleek chatbox interface, a large set of customizable tools, and its quality customer service. The only thing that might turn some companies off is the pricing.

πŸ’Έ Pricing

You can buy all of Intercom for $87 per month. Early startups may qualify for $49 per month.

You can also upgrade or only buy a portion of the software for cheaper. For instance, paying for only the “Support” portion is $38 per month.

Several add-ons are also available, most of them ranging from $49 per month to $119 per month.

🧰 What are the best features?

  • Intercom provides an excellent business messenger for automating the capture of customer information and convincing high-value leads to continue down your sales funnel.
  • You can opt to utilize bots for booking demos for the best leads and sending the customers to the right sales representatives.
  • The software has real-time reports with leads, deals won, and pipeline information.
  • Olark includes a team inbox feature, so all messages can be found in one place. However, it also redirects the messages to the proper reps.
  • The targeted messaging ensures that your customers know they’re being taken care of. For instance, you can automatically ask if they need help or ask for their email.
  • You can integrate Intercom with other third-party tools like Salesforce and Marketo. There’s an app store to complete these integrations.
  • Product tours allow you to guide customers through your offerings automatically.

πŸ’‘ This is the best live chat software for…

The pricing isn’t all that affordable, but you may be able to qualify for that early startup pricing. We recommend Intercom for enterprises with larger customer bases and a need for advanced add-ons, product tours, and custom bots.

4. Drift (

best live chat software #3: drift

From chatbots to meeting calendars, Drift has an impressive set of features for companies interested in live chat software. Account-based marketing is provided, along with landing pages and canned emails for your sales team.

Overall, Drift seems to focus more on computerizing the entire chat process – or at least the majority of it.

Drift could be used for marketing or sales teams, and it has a quality version for enterprises.


Overall, Drift cuts out some of the long, tedious parts of acquisitions. It does this by removing the need for tons of emails and CRM communications. Instead, the AI and automations only send the best leads to the sales reps, so as not to waste any time.

πŸ’Έ Pricing

Pricing for “individuals” is rather low – at $0 for basic chatting and $50 per month for startups.

That being said, the pricing skyrockets for teams, starting at $400 per month for the Pro Plan and $1,500 per month for Premium.

🧰 What are the best features?

  • Bots are one of the main elements for automatically qualifying leads at all times of the day.
  • Book meetings without even talking to your customers.
  • The bots will route certain conversations to salespeople.
  • The chatbot identifies the best potential customers so that you start talking to them first.
  • The automation also responds to specific questions by sharing information from your knowledge base.
  • VIP accounts are created for your best customers. This way, you can chat with these people by starting with their first names and knowing exactly what they are interested in.
  • Drift has an email module that instantly links customers to the sales reps. This way, you don’t have to bother much with regular email.

πŸ’‘ This is the best live chat software for…

I like it for companies with some cash flow that want to automate much of the customer support and chat process. It’s also not a bad solution for enterprises.

5. Tidio (


Tidio has gained notoriety with its excellent plugin and app reviews for platforms like WordPress and Shopify.

It’s a quality solution for eCommerce businesses, and it integrates with CRMs, email marketing tools, and help desk software.

Tidio can also attribute some of its popularity to its free pricing plan and the affordable monthly plans after that. Some of the elements that come with Tidio include live chatting, email integrations, and unlimited tracking.


I particularly enjoy the automated responses and mobile apps for chatting with customers on the go.

πŸ’Έ Pricing

A free plan is available for up to three users. It actually includes an incredible collection of features for small businesses.

Two other plans are sold for $15 per month each, allowing you to unlock features like abandoned cart recovery and live typing.

🧰 What are the best features?

  • Several integrations with some top website software like Wix, BigCommerce, and Shopify. The company seems to focus on eCommerce platforms.
  • Tidio combines email, Messenger, and live chat so that you respond to your customers within seconds.
  • All of the messages, regardless of your business size, get directed to one simple dashboard.
  • Access to chatbots for responding to simpler customer questions. The bots talk to customers 24/7 and offer things like discounts and abandoned cart deals.
  • The real-time metrics help you understand how customers are moving around on your website.
  • Customization settings are there for branding your chat box and matching it to your website.
  • The Android and iOS apps keep you in touch with customers through the chat box at all times.

πŸ’‘ This is the best live chat software for…

Companies that don’t want to pay anything for a small team to utilize live chat. It’s also quite affordable for smaller to mid-sized companies, especially eCommerce stores.

This is one of the simplest live chat software you can buy, but you still receive the necessities like auto-replies, integrations, and tracking.

6. PureChat (


With PureChat, you’re able to launch a chat box on your site for free. It’s one of the less modern looking interfaces, but it packs quite a few features in for artificial intelligence, lead capture, and appointment scheduling.

Adding PureChat to your site takes a few steps, then you’re able to customize to match your brand.

It also seems as if the PureChat customer support team is very knowledgeable and always there to help you with any onboarding and management questions that arise.


πŸ’Έ Pricing

The plan for three users is completely free.

The Growth plan is available for $39 per month.

The Pro plan is offered for $79 per month.

As you upgrade, you receive support for more operators and some additional features.

🧰 What are the best features?

  • Full customization is provided through the free plan. In fact, a list of over 20 features is included with the free package.
  • You receive unlimited chats for all pricing plans.
  • Both iOS and Android apps are available for chatting with customers on mobile devices.
  • File transfer tools are there for passing along documents and other files.
  • Chat alerts and canned responses help with automating your customer support.
  • Show availability schedules and book appointments directly through the live chat software.
  • Show unique information like your location and Twitter feed.
  • Upgrade to the premium plans for real-time analytics and visitor tracking.
  • The paid plans also provide SMS notifications for your chats.

πŸ’‘ This is the best live chat software for…

PureChat appears like a great live chat option for small and larger companies. The free plan is great, and the monthly pricing after that remains reasonable. It’s also an excellent live chat box for companies that need to book appointments, since it can all be done through the box.

7. Zendesk Chat (


When looking to reach your customers and strike up a conversation, one of the best live chat software options is Zendesk Chat. It’s another solution with a free plan, but the offerings aren’t quite as good as the other free software I’ve outlined.

That being said, the pricing for Zendesk Chat is respectable, and it provides solid offerings for things like sending to specific departments and setting triggers.


Keep in mind that ZenDesk has a large suite of products, so it may prove useful for some companies to utilize only ZenDesk products.

πŸ’Έ Pricing

The Lite plan goes for $0 for one concurrent chat. That’s not as good as some of the competition.

The Team plan is $14 per agent per month, with the higher plans are listed at $29 and $59 per agent per month.

🧰 What are the best features?

  • Going back to check messages is extremely easy with tools for jumping back on the chat timeline and looking at analytics.
  • Chat routing, shortcuts, and tags are all there to expedite the process.
  • Zendesk Chat links to most Zendesk tools, along with website platforms like WordPress, Shopify, and Magento.
  • The chat box designs and customization tools are all bright, beautiful, and welcoming – with great support for background images and avatars.
  • Your company can accept files and pre-chat forms to better understand what your customers are asking.
  • Triggers are used to contact users through live chat, all based on movements made on your website.

πŸ’‘ This is the best live chat software for…

I like Zendesk Chat for those companies that already use other ZenDesk products such as Zendesk Guide or Support. Zendesk Chat also has some of the more creative designs for chat boxes – so if you want a sleek chat presence, check it out.

Finally, the file sending works wonders for companies that want to accept screenshots and documents (like for software tech support).

8. ClickDesk (


ClickDesk takes a much different approach compared to your average live chat software. It caters to companies that want to utilize voice and video in the chat box. For instance, the support rep could actually see the customer, and vice versa.

Integrations are offered for connecting to software for helpdesks and other customer support modules. You can even link your social media accounts to the live chat box for expanding your reach on those platforms.


πŸ’Έ Pricing

The free plan is for up to 10 users and 30 chats per month.

The following plans are offered as upgrades: Lite for $14.99, Pro for $24.99, and Enterprise for $39.99 (all per month per agent).

🧰 What are the best features?

  • Your chat box includes a video chat, expanding upon your support capabilities. This also adds a personal touch since customers can see you.
  • The live chat box encourages sales and prompts the right sales reps to chime in on the conversation.
  • You can opt for voice chatting instead of video.
  • ClickDesk’s help desk software is automatically integrated with the chat box for the ultimate customer support area.
  • Send more users to your Facebook and other social media accounts by linking in your chat box.
  • The reporting area shows advanced analytics like chat durations and sales.
  • You receive an Android mobile app for chatting on your phone.

πŸ’‘ This is the best live chat software for…

First thing’s first: iOS users might want to skip ClickDesk since it only has an Android app.

Having said that, ClickDesk is one of the best live chat software options for voice and video chatting. It’s similar to Skype, yet your customers don’t have to download any special software on their end.

9. Bold360 (


As another AI-driven live chat software, Bold360 unlocks an incredible amount of efficiency for your website. It engages with your users from the moment they land on your website, with additional tools to help your agents work smart and engage back with knowledge and speed.

Bold360 is meant to be one of the most simple live chat solutions in the market. It’s also owned by LogMeIn, which has proven to be a highly reputable communications company.


πŸ’Έ Pricing

All plans require you to request a quote. Pricing is all company-specific.

🧰 What are the best features?

  • The live chat pops up for customers and speaks to them without any problems. The AI bot then decides where to send the customer in a matter of seconds.
  • All elements of the chatbot are customizable, from what the bot says to what the chat box looks like on your computer.
  • Insights are shown to help you evaluate how each customer journey is mapped out.
  • All communications are managed in one location – from email to chat, and SMS to social media.
  • The chatbots in Bold360 work more like humans by understanding intent and not relying on matching specific keywords to knowledge base articles.

πŸ’‘ This is the best live chat software for…

Bold360 works best for organizations that are willing to take a bit of a risk with artificial intelligence. It’s not as controlled, but it could provide some incredible results if you’re willing to make adjustments.

10. LiveAgent (


LiveAgent is more of a suite than individual software, but it includes live chatting and some other nice software options such as ticketing, call center software, and knowledge base tools.

Certain pieces of software are sold together in plans, so you will actually have to opt for the Chat plan to get the live chat functionality.


We’ll highlight the pricing for the Chat plan below, but you should also know that the following other software options are included with the plan: contact forms, knowledge base, email support, feedback management, and visitor monitoring.

πŸ’Έ Pricing

The prices start at $0 with 1 chat and 1 email support seat with a limit of seven days of history. The next tier plan costs $15 with ticketing system only.
The Ticket+Chat plan costs $29 per agent per month.

An All-inclusive plan is also sold for $39 per month.

🧰 What are the best features?

  • Video calling is included with some of the plans.
  • LiveAgent has excellent chat invitations and visitor monitoring to make your conversations more relevant.
  • Feedback management assists with getting information from your customers and bettering your customer support.
  • You get a forum and knowledge base to round out your customer service pages.
  • The mobile app allows for live communicating with customers on your phone or tablet.
  • You can connect to the many other LiveAgent products like Call Center, Customer Portal, or Customer Service.
  • The chat dashboard lets you check all of the active chats, along with agent activity, and much more.
  • User information is transmitted to the agent once the conversation has started.

πŸ’‘ This is the best live chat software for…

I like LiveAgent for companies that want a complete, affordable suite of customer service tools. You get a live chat box, but also ticketing and video calls.

Which of the best live chat software should you choose?

Be sure to check all of our recommendations above. Your choice will depend entirely on the type of business you run and the features needed.

However, to make this easier for you, here’s that quick summary again with just the costs involved with working with each of these platforms:

Software Free plan? From $ / month
LiveChat 30-day free trial $16.00 per agent
Olark 2-week free trial $29 per agent
Intercom ❌ $87
Drift βœ… $50
Tidio βœ… $15
PureChat βœ… $39
Zendesk Chat βœ… $14 per agent
ClickDesk βœ… $14.99 per agent
Bold360 ❌ pricing is company-specific
LiveAgent βœ… $15 per agent

If you have any further questions about the best live chat software, let us know in the comments below!

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